Mow, Trim, Edge, and Blow

During the growing season we mow properties on a weekly basis. Any time that our maintenance crew mows a property we will trim tight areas and around obstacles. Edging is done on a weekly or biweekly basis depending on customer preference. Our maintenance crews blow off properties on a yearly contracted every week throughout the year. The maintenance crew will pick up trash on their weekly visits.

Shrub maintenance

We offer both shrub sheering and hand pruning based on the customers and plant needs, this service is built into most of our contracts and is also available as a one time service for a homeowner that mows their own grass but is not comfortable trimming themselves. We also offer fertilization programs specifically designed for plants and shrubs to keep them healthy and disease free.

Turf Care

Our turf care programs cover everything needed to make your grasses as beautiful as possible. We have multiple levels of fertilization programs ranging from the most basic to the most advanced.  We apply herbicides that keep your grass weed free and green year round. Twice a year we provide aeration and seed service to allow the soil the nutrients required for healthy turf.

Tree Maintenance

Our crews will trim tree branches up to 6 inches in diameter, branches that exceed 6 inches cannot be cut by our crews but we will contract a tree company that will handle those jobs. Our fertilization program for trees will promote a beautiful and healthy tree.

Leaf and debris removal

Fallen sticks and limbs will be removed from the property during our weekly visits. During the fall leaf cleanups are available in many different options, for our yearly contracts we keep leaves cleaned up as needed. One time or multiple cleanups and curbside pick up is available as well.

Pond maintenance

Retention pond maintenance is often over looked and can be very expensive to fix issues after inspection. We have the knowledge and relationship with engineers and inspectors to fix erosion and code violations as well as maintain the pond to avoid these issues. We also do fountain work in ponds and lakes to give the pond a better look and keep the water cleaner and clearer.

Mosquito fogging

With the growing number of diseases being carried by mosquitos fogging has become a popular service. We are licensed to fog to protect your home from those pesky and potentially dangerous insects while not doing harm to beautiful and beneficial insects such as butterflies and bees.

Weed prevention

Whether it is in your yard or beds weeds can be annoying and unsightly. Our yearly contracted properties are sprayed regularly to keep weeds from coming up. We also survey the properties and pull any weeds that have grown and become noticeable.

Brush clearing

We can clean up any overgrown areas whether on a hillside or open field. We can do brush hogging to maintain fields and prevent them from becoming over grown.

Next Steps...

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